Basic SEO for new Bloggers (part 2)

While Part 1 was purely dedicated to the topic of Keywords, the part 2 and the final part of this series will explore the last two fundamental tenets of the basic SEO – content and backlinks. The real SEO begins, when bloggers start pursuing high quality content and backlinks for their blogs. They are undeniably […]

Guest Posting in SEO – Few Important Facts to Know

In my previous article I had classified guest posting as one of the most important strategies and tactics for fetching backlinks. But here I would like to go one step further by claiming that guest posting pretty much forms the backbone of the entire link building exercise. Ask any digital marketing or SEO professional and […]

Basic SEO for new bloggers (Part 1)

For new bloggers, with no or little knowledge about SEO, getting their blog at the top of the Google ranking can be immensely overwhelming. However, new bloggers can take some respite over the fact that Google is very forthcoming about rewarding bloggers who are really passionate about their blogs. In short, Google is not biased […]

Guest posting sites must pull down those outbound links and here’s why

Although guest posting has always posed an unethical dilemma for most SEO and digital marketing professionals, the practice of guest posting continues to rule the roost in the SEO world. Many SEO experts claim quite unabashedly that guest posting will continue to remain the foundation of link building strategy, no matter the repeated warnings and […]

Why and how Bloggers Should Seriously start Leveraging Podcasts?

If you as a blogger still haven’t started taking podcasts seriously then this conventionally accounts for a missed opportunity. And in today’s highly competitive world, nothing is more regrettable than missing a golden opportunity. In developed countries like US and UK podcast is already a big thing and today scores of bloggers in these countries […]

SEO beyond Backlinks: The Importance of Brand Mention

The SEO world’s steady tilt towards the practice of brand mention and online citations of brands is a clear diversion from ‘old SEO school’ philosophy that lays overwhelming importance on backlinks or link building campaigns.      This significant shift has been happening since 2014, after Google began to refine its algorithm to look for creditable search […]

Is Link Exchange Black or White Hat Technique?

Link Exchange (also known as reciprocal links) is probably one of the most contentious issues in the SEO world. The sensitivity of this issue can be gauged by the fact that even though Google webmaster tool terms excessive link exchange as a bad thing, reciprocal links is still widely practiced across the SEO industry. This […]

How to fetch Backlinks Strictly for Beginners or newly launched blogs

So you’re new to the SEO world or have just started a new blog that is struggling to get even a decent traffic. And it just happens so that you’ve never heard of the word ‘backlinks.’ If this is indeed the case then here is a cardinal truth: backlinks is the most invaluable asset in […]