One of the biggest challenges for any digital marketing professional is to stay abreast with changing trends in the digital marketing industry. The pressure to stay updated is even more critical during the initial phase of a brand new year. Simply because no diligent digital marketing professional would like to miss on trends that are likely to dominate for rest of the year.

However, before I set out with 2021 trends, I would like to share important piece of information with all my readers. Digital Trending is all set to start online SEO courses for anyone who is damn serious about harnessing their SEO skills and planning to make a career in online marketing.  I have started this course amid the boom of online and distance education but I’m as much passionate about imparting knowledge. Therefore my aim to tap into the online education boom is only partially true.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Voice search will remain a hype but its importance may increase slightly:

Despite the growing noise around voice search partially propelled by the increasing popularity of smart speakers like Alexa & Echo, it will continue to remain hype in 2021 as well. However, voice search may still see some increase in traction, albeit slightly.  

Voice search is conversational by nature and so are we human beings and this identical behavioral trait may help voice search in gaining some ground slowly yet steadily. I personally believe that in 2021 voice search may see some upward trajectory. This essentially implies that digital marketing professionals should show some interest in increasing their affinity towards voice search. That said, in 2021 voice search will practically have little to no impact on SEO.

Prominence of video sharing platforms will continue to increase:

TikTok’s meteoric rise has once again reasserted the importance of ‘short videos’ for customer engagement. TiKTok and its other high profile clones domination in the advertising market is almost a predictable affair now. The affordability of internet data price and increasing penetration of smartphones have surely contributed in making ‘videos’ the hottest property in the online internet marketing world.  While video marketing had already become a hot thing in 2020, its popularity is likely to reach to the next level this year. Digital marketing professionals, therefore, will have to brace for a aggressive digital marketing strategy.

Micro-influencers will continue to hold the sway:

Micro-influencers have become immensely popular as digital marketing professionals and agencies continue to look for quality engagement on social media platforms. Well, their popularity will continue the upward trajectory in 2021 as well since their propensity for bringing quality ROI makes them a valuable asset. However, exercise caution and agility while selecting micro-influencers and also make sure to select someone with proven track record. Just to set the record straight, micro-influencers are those people who have limited followers on social media platforms but have considerable clout in their respective industries.

Combine SEO with paid search strategy:

I have always been a great fan of penetrative digital marketing strategy, which works wonders for new websites that attract literally no traffic and have a very low domain authority. Although this is not a new digital marketing hack, it is a strategy that will keep asserting its dominance by every passing year as internet’s landscape has become ruthlessly competitive. Amid this intense competition, new websites can ill afford to be over-dependent solely on SEO particularly if they are eyeing quick results. However, it must be borne in mind that the so called penetrative digital marketing strategy, at the most, can be short term strategy while SEO must be kept in loop for long term goals.

Brand mention may come of an age:

The importance of brand and linkless mention has been growing over the years but its popularity may skyrocket further this year. 2021 may be the year when Google may give a serious thought about leveraging its sophisticated algorithm that is powered by AI and Machine Learning. This, subsequently, means that Google will give brand mention and inkless mention the due importance it thoroughly deserves. That said, brand mention will never replace backlinks, with the latter always being a decisive and powerful ranking factor.                 

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