About Digital Trending

Digital trending was founded with the aim of simplifying SEO and eventually make it more easily understandable for the layman. After conversing with scores of people over the year as a specialist SEO writer, I have come to the grand conclusion that most people think that SEO is damn technical and complex.

I found this popular perception and assumption baffling, purely because succeeding in SEO hardly requires any specialized technical skillset. While it is true that certain amount of coding knowledge can prove handy in ranking your website/blog better in search ranking, this is still a half truth. The complete truth is SEO is doable and is too simple not to understand it. And this blog – Digitaltrending.co.in – will prove this hands down.

Nonetheless, SEO is very vast, dynamic and ever changing (since Google keeps its algorithm secret and also keeps updating it as well). Therefore succeeding in SEO does require lot of patience and perseverance. And all those who are ready to be patient and perseverant, this blog is certainly for them. This blog is as much for them who want to clarify their doubts in SEO and digital marketing.

But still I would like to conclude by clarifying who will actually benefit from this blog.

  1. Bloggers who are constantly seeking to improve their blog’s ranking
  2. Newly launched blog owners or new bloggers who don’t have an iota of knowledge about SEO
  3. SEO pros as well as SEO amateurs wanting to keep themselves updated about latest trends
  4. Entrepreneurs who want to know a bit about SEO to drive up their on-line sales and lead generation.