SEO Crash Course Syllabus

Here is what the students will get to learn from this 2 Weeks (course)

  • Introduction to search engine
  • Basic functions of search engine
  • What really is SEO?
  • Different types of SEO
  • On page SEO (live practical session)
  • Off page & different types of links
  • Keywords research & why are they important for SEO
  • What is algorithm update and why are they important
  • What are best SEO practices?
  • Paid keyword research & backlink tools
  • Analytics tools & how to use them for SEO
  • Key SEO Terminologies


Rs 2,500 only

How to join the course:

WhatsApp or call on 7620127602. To know more about payment details, students can also mail me at

What will you achieve after joining the course?

After completion of the course, you’ll have complete grasp over the fundamentals of SEO –theoretically as well as practically. You’ll to come to know how SEO actually works and how to go about to rank website/webpages on Google & other search engines. To build a strong career you need a robust foundation and this is exactly what one can accept from this course. This course will give a strong foundation to kick-start your SEO & digital marketing career.               

Who can join this course?    

  • Any graduate or undergraduate students who want to make a career in SEO & Digital Marketing.
  • Working professionals who want to upgrade their skills by adding SEO skills in their skill sets.  
  • Bloggers and startup founders who want to enhance their practical knowledge about SEO.   

Why Choose SEO & Digital Marketing career?

The rapidly growing Internet penetration has fueled the importance of internet marketing and therefore today companies are increasingly looking for SEO & Digital Marketing professionals to increase their digital footprints. Today virtually no company can afford to overlook SEO & Digital Marketing. Bill Gates once said that “if you’re business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.”

To sum it up, Today SEO & Digital Marketing is one of the lucrative & hottest careers out there.