We’re just one and half month away before 2020 ends up being just another year in the human memory. With 2020 having turned one of the worst years in human history (thanks to coronavirus pandemic), we’ve all the more strong reason to look forward to 2021.

And just in case anyone is reading this blog post in 2021, I sincerely hope that all of us are beaming with great sense of optimism.

From the perspective of SEO professionals and independent bloggers, probably nothing can bring more optimism than a quick roundup about quick ways to fetch backlinks.

It is an open secret, at least for those who have some knowledge about SEO, that securing quality backlinks is never really easy.

While fetching backlinks is indeed difficult, we can certainly make this task comparatively easier. To do this, one will have to look beyond traditional methods of securing high-quality links.

Traditional methods mostly compromise of guest posting and pitching for links through e-mail outreach. Although these traditional method still carries lot of weight, they are frustratingly slow as well as time consuming.

If these so called traditional ways are backed by unique methods, they can probably bring more results. In fact, some of the unique methods that I will be discussing here can fetch backlinks on their own.

That said, few methods discussed below are aimed at fetching backlinks indirectly. This is to say that these methods can bring lot of organic traffic and thereby increase your blog’s chances of attracting backlinks.

Do remember that more traffic your blog gets, more it stands the chance of attracting backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that link from one page of the website to another by virtue of hyperlink. Also known as inbound and incoming links, they are widely considered as top ranking factor amongst the 200 odd ranking factor that Google uses to rank a webpage. Any webpage or website’s chances of ranking higher on Google’s SERP increases dramatically if good number of high-quality backlinks are linking to it.   

Five unique ways to Secure Backlinks in 2021


1) Grab those low hanging fruits:


Here low hanging fruits means websites that have low DR or domain authority score. I call them low hanging fruits because seeking backlinks from them is much easier than from high authority websites as they are high hanging fruits.


This particular tactic is especially beneficial for blogs and websites that themselves have low DR and hence are struggling to get backlinks. Even blogs that are barely few months old can apply this tactic as by default they are low DR Websites.


To know the DR score of your or any website, use free tools like Moz’s domain analysis.


By the way, the above fact may give rise to teasing question in most people’s mind. Since low DR websites conventionally won’t pass much link juice then how will this tactic benefit your blog?


While this argument holds true, this tactic isn’t about getting immediate link juice to your website. This tactic works more like a future investment, which means you won’t be seeking backlinks from all low DR websites.


You’ll be seeking backlinks only from websites that have potential to grow organic traffic and subsequently increase their DR score.


If these websites do live up to their potential then they will surely pass link juice to your website in the future.


To know about how to go about seeking backlinks from potentially high-quality low DR websites and increase organic traffic on your blog, please click here.


2) Use branding techniques:


Branding is a simple marketing technique that helps your products or services standout amongst your competitors. These techniques mostly compromises of unique logo, design or virtually anything that helps to create distinct identity.


When you extend this simple definition to your blog then it simply means amplifying you’re individual personality on your blog.


Let us take the example of social media expert Neal Schaffer and his website Nealschaffer.com.


Checkout the screenshot below. This below screenshot shows the photo of Neal Schaffer that appears on the home page of his website. It also talks about Neal’s achievements, credentials and how his expertise knowledge on social media has helped many companies in growing their businesses.

This is a perfect example how a blogger should leverage personal branding to grow organic traffic on his website and thereby increase the chances of getting backlinks.


Now you may not be as successful as Neal Schaffer and this is absolutely fine. As long as you’ve confidence in your knowledge and the positive impact it can make on your target readers, you shouldn’t be thinking twice to opt for personal branding strategy .


But how does personal branding really help in fetching backlinks? Well, personal branding helps in positioning you as an industry leader whose in-depth knowledge about the subject can add lot of value to people.


If your knowledge certainly has the substance then you’re personal branding efforts will yield lot of wonderful results. From increase in organic traffic, increase social media posts, online citations of your blog on other websites to enhancing your reputation among your industry peers.


Somewhere all these will eventually open the possibilities of backlinks for your blog.


3) Make your content linkable assets:


Make your content so link worthy that they can’t help but link to your blog. I know this is sounds easier said than done.


However, if you’re willing to apply few noteworthy tricks then this is well within the realm of possibility.


One of the easiest tricks to make your content linkable is to make it visually rich. By visually rich, I don’t mean glamorous and colorful.


I simply mean that your content should be inclusive of reliable data that must be amplified through attractive charts, graphs and info graphics.


It is almost proven that when any content merges visuals and reliable data then the content has the power to become a link magnet.


However, it must be noted that one must follow this tactic consistently and try to include visually driven data only when it is truly applicable.


Three other factors also count and they are as follow:


  1. Make sure your data is reliable; do in-depth research
  2. Ensure all the charts, graphs and infographics are visually attractive
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of infographics; it is an open secret that impactful and meaningful infographics can bring lot of inbound links.  


4) Dole out free guides:


Free guides wrapped in downloaded PDF files is another powerful strategy to attract potential backlinks to your website.


Free guides basically offers in-depth knowledge on a particular topic in your niche to your target readers absolutely free.


Today many bloggers and websites dole out free guides with the aim of enhancing their personal branding. Here I’d like to point out that that ‘free guides’ is closely related to branding techniques (point no 2) that was discussed earlier in this blog post.


Therefore all the benefits that I’d discussed in the ‘branding techniques’ applies on ‘free guides’ as well.


However, I personally think that doling out free guides in PDF is bit outdated. Below I’ve shared few unique ways to share your free guides more effectively.


  • Conduct a free webinar session on any trending topics or any topic that you feel is important (use Zoom). Advertise about the webinar on all social media platforms.
  • Conduct free FB live sessions on your website’s official page.
  • Give free guides in the podcast format.


5) Public relations:


Personal public relations can go a long way in attracting worthy inbound links, provided you’re really good at it.


I’m pretty sure that most of us are aware about the power of networking and how often it can make even the most challenging task immensely doable.


However, networking has a little different connotation when it comes to bloggers since most of the networking happens online. That said, offline networking can work just as effectively in securing backlinks.


Here are some of the public relation tips that bloggers and small website owners should follow persistently.


  • Keeping networking with bloggers from your niche on all social media platforms. Follow them on Twitter, connect them on LinkedIn so and so forth. Share your post regularly with them by tagging them. But don’t be too pushy. You can also choose to comment on their thread and chat. If you’re persistent and your content has the needed punch, some may start approaching for guest posting on their blog while some may give online citations to your blog.


  • Join facebook group and forum. No matter which niche your blog belongs to, I guess almost all niche have FB groups and forums. These groups and forums are yet another breeding ground for networking and hence deserve to be utilized properly.


  • Become problem and query solver on Quora. While quora is often cited for increasing organic traffic, it can also increase the chances of fetching backlinks. If you’re good at solving the problems of your target readers/audience on Quora then this will steadily result in spike in Quora followers. This subsequently will open many possibilities including backlinks, guestposting, online citations etc.


  • Keep enhancing your contacts with journalists and PR agents. Due to the nature of their professions, they tend have lot of contacts across different businesses. And sometimes their contacts can bring much needed SEO advantage to your blog.

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