Despite all those doomsday prediction abut Guest Blogging or guest posting practices, it still remains by far the most popular and favorite Seo strategy out there. Therefore, not surprisingly, guest blogging services continue to enjoy huge popularity across the entire SEO industry. But let alone digital marketing and SEO analysts, even if you as a blogger want to rank your blog high on Google then guest blog posting will have to figure high in your priority list.

However, if you’re new to SEO then it is important to note that guest blog writing services fall in a grey area. This is to say when you decide to adopt this service to rank higher on Google then be mindful about not crossing few redlines. If you do cross these redline repeatedly it will be considered tantamount to cheating and your website may end up earning Google’s wrath.

This blog post of mine will seek to clear the air about what factors you should be focusing on while pursuing guest posting services. These factors will be applicable irrespective of whether you choose to outsource your entire SEO services including guest posting services or you choose to do guest blogging by yourself. But before I start shedding light on these factors, I would like define what guest blogging is. This is especially meant for all those who are new to SEO. 

What is guest blogging or guest posting?

Guest blogging is nothing but practice of posting article on someone else’s blog or website as a guest. But what does this practice really achieve. Well, in return of your guest post you’ll end up earning an external link pointing towards your blog/website. If the linking website has a higher DR (domain authority) than your blog then the external link will result in spike in Google ranking for your blog.

So is guest blog writing only about fetching backlinks? The answer is big ‘no;’ I have given a detail explanation about this in one of the below points.

Factors to consider before investing time & money in guest blogging services  

Be wary of cheap guest blogging services:

Despite all the tall claims many digital marketing agencies and freelance SEO analysts use low standard tactics to con their clients. Cheap guest blogging happens to be one such tactic. This widely used tactic seeks to offer low quality backlinks that pass little or no link juice to your website. There is every possibility that agencies or analysts may use traditional black hat techniques like PBN (private blog network) or backlink software to build low quality backlinks for your website. You essentially ought to make sure that your agency will build backlinks only through manual websites and guest posting will be done on high DR web sites.    

Cross-check past track record:

This is not going to be easy. But if you could cross check the agency’s past track record as to how they go about in offering guest blog writing services then this will give a better idea about many critical things. For instance, how diligently they follow the white hat techniques and stay away from black hat techniques. The reason I said that this is not going to be easy is because almost all agencies and Seo freelancers claim that they only follow white hat techniques. But you ought take these claims at a face value and make necessary cross checks including verifying with their previous clients and checking out online reviews about them.

Know your website or blog’s Seo metrics:

Whether you decide to outsource or chose to do guest blogging by yourself, it is critical to know the basic Seo metrics of your website/blog before taking a plunge into guest posting. For example, you need to know your blog/website’s DR and the number of referring domains linking to it. You should also know about number of monthly organic visitors your website attracts. All these details will help you to know where does your website exactly stands in the competition. Your knowledge about you’re website’s Seo metrics will help you to better negotiate with agencies & third party team. More importantly, the third party company will be aware that they can’t con you by providing cheap guest posting services.

Take a hard look at Google’s policies on guest blogging:

Having complete knowledge about Google’s policies on guest blogging will help to decode the grey areas that we spoke about in the introduction of this article. Firstly, Google is not against guest posting. In fact, it is completely supportive of high quality guest posts. Any guest blog post qualifies as high quality stuff when it seeks to offer deep knowledge and value to its target readers. It must aim to build a long term relationship with its readers.

What this also means is that Google is against guest blogs that are purely written for fetching backlinks. They have nothing substantive to offer and are mostly replete with keyword-rich anchor text links.

Now some people might ask how Google distinguishes between high quality and low quality guest posts. The search engine giant keeps its algorithm very secretive and therefore it won’t be possible to give a definitive answer. But Google has certainly put in place certain standard rules to get a hint about the quality of guest blog. For instance, it will look whether the article is a spin off, anchor text is contextual or not so and so forth.

Another important thing to know is that high DR or high authority websites never take the risk of accepting low quality blog posts. Simply because such low quality posts will damage their reputation.  


Irrespective of whether you outsource guest blogging services or do it all by yourself, you must ensure that all your guest posts are compliant with Google guidelines. In case if you’re finding it difficult to trust the agencies with regard to the same then it is better hire an in-house Seo analysts or content writer. As for the cash strapped bloggers are concerned then they will have to slog hard as well as keep their ethical standards very high. The former will help in churning out high quality blog posts and the latter will make sure that you’re not violating the Google guidelines.                    

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