Most bloggers incessantly crave for getting backlinks from high authority websites or websites with higher DR (domain authority). It is now pretty common knowledge that backlinks from higher authority website is the ultimate gateway for higher ranking in Google’s SERP. However, it is as much an acknowledged fact that getting backlinks from authoritative websites is very tough and most independent bloggers unsurprisingly fail in this quest.

Higher authority links are actually like high hanging fruits and bloggers & small websites being quintessential underdogs will always find it very hard to get anywhere near them. This bring us to those low hanging fruits that are low enough to be get hold of and snatching some of them can surprisingly prove to be a good decision.

We’ve a strong argument that will debunk the myth that links from low authoritative sites should always be non-touchable entities and must be allotted least importance. In fact, they can prove to be a good investment in the long run that can shoot up your SERP ranking in a big way.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, securing links from websites with low DR is like a bet. If this bet pays off then your almost invisible blog may one day eventually become among the most visible blogs in the Google ranking. But if the bet doesn’t pay off then your blog will lose much. What’s even better, you probably won’t have to invest much effort to acquire these low DR links.

Now allow us to demystify with strong hypotheses that will hopefully convenience even discerning critics. Let us suppose you’ve put an outreach e-mail to a website owner whose website has a rating of 15 DR. As is well known, 15 DR is unimpressive & falls under lower end of domain rating, which is usually measured from 1-100. Therefore even if this site does link to your blog/site it won’t pass any backlink juice for your blog. This is argument is fair enough and even passes the litmus test of conventional SEO. 

However, adhering to conventions is not always smartest thing to do. Most often you got to break the rules to get things done and in this case breaking rules make lot of sense. It makes sense because DR of a website is never static. This means a website with higher DR may not always stay at the top and same is the case with low DR websites. Hence if the DR 15 website does link to your blog and its DR improves in near future to respectable ranking, let us say 55-60, your investment in the website will certainly yielded high returns.

Simply put, as the site’s DR keeps improving it will eventually start passing the link juice                    

But the real question is how to recognize the true potential of a low DR website. Are there any set benchmarks that can help in foreseeing latent talent of a low ranking website? Well, the resounding answer is ‘yes.’ To know more about this answer, check out the below points.

  1. Check out the site’s appearance & UI, does it appear professional or tacky. Most websites that are serious about doing long term business usually boost a very professional appearance. As for tacky looking websites, their poor UI & design is ultimate sign of unprofessionalism and hence should be avoided in your backlink campaign.      
  1. You ought to check out the quality of content. If the quality of content is high and is resonating with the desired target audience then it does stand the chance of improving its own backlink profile and subsequently improve its DR in the long run.        
  1. Check whether the website uploads its content regularly. Only websites that upload/update their content regular stand a genuine chance of improving their DR. It must be duly noted that regularly updating the content is the only way to connect to your target audience and also to be in good books of Google’s SERP.
  1. Checkout the website’s link growth. You can do this by subscribing to backlink analysis tools like Ahrefs and Semrush. These tools have in-built feature that allows you to check the referring domains’ link graph of any website. If you find the link graph of any low ranking website is steadily going up then seeking backlink from it may prove to be a good investment decision.      

While keeping in mind the above consideration, don’t forget to practice the good SEO practice of seeking backlinks from only those websites that fall in your niche. It is equally important not to fall for spammy websites. Since most spammy sites carry a low DR, it is quite easy to fall into their trap and this action will obviously backfire for your blog in the long run.

Don’t forget that most spammy sites boost common characteristics and they are as follows     

  • They look absolutely tacky and shabby
  • Their content is downright low and is most often copy pasted
  •  There are simply too many ads on the website

Before heading to conclusion and wrapping up this article, it is critical to remind about penalties that your site/blog could attract for indulging in paid links. Simply put, please don’t even paying a single penny to any website for fetching backlinks. After all, paid links come under black hat techniques and should be avoided under any circumstance.           


With quality backlinks hard to come by for independent blogs and websites, it is surely worthy to take safe bets on low DR Websites with huge potential for future growth. What makes it a safe is the fact that you’re blog won’t lose anything if the website’s link graph doesn’t go up in the future. But if the bet pays off then your blog will surely reap huge benefits by leveraging the link juice coming from site as its DR keeps improving in the subsequent months.

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