Who doesn’t want quality backlinks? Pretty much everyone craves for it – right from SEO pros to every website owner out there. This craving is so strong (and rightly so) that many fall prey to the temptation of subscribing to SEO Backlink Software. The trap is insidious partly because such software is widely available across the online world. Just type SEO Backlink Software and you’ll know what I mean.


Such software should not be confused with keyword research and backlink analysis tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. Semrush, Ahrefs or Moz do not automatically generate backlinks while backlink software’s are designed to perform exactly that. This is what makes the latter so contentious and also risky. Simply put, subscribing to such software is akin to black hat technique and will directly put your website in the risk of getting penalized or even de-indexed.


Although most Seo experts unanimously agree that these automated software fall under black hat technique, there is no dearth of favorable reviews for such software. In fact, I was personally surprised to see Google Ads for Money Robot Submitter, which is popular automated backlink software that promises quality backlinks for its clients. I guess Google has some serious explanation to do about its practice of providing ads to such services. Such services also receive support from SEO pro community who widely use these services despite all the apparent risk.


The popularity of SEO Backlink software is certainly puzzling and may even baffle all those who have just started to learn about SEO. Before I start with my case about why subscribing to these services is such a bad idea, I’d like to reveal the names of some of the top automated backlink software. This piece of info will help to keep you updated.


GSA search engine ranker

Money Robot





Google’s Guidelines for Link Building


Google categorically states that using automated tools or software for creating links will be considered as a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Below I have pasted the screenshot of Google’s official guidelines for what constitutes as link scheme.


Check out the last point. It clearly says that ‘using automated programs or services’ to create links to your site’ is tantamount to link scheme or black hat technique.


What does this really mean if one were to decode this particular Google policy in simple words? Well, it simply means that Google only acknowledges links that are created manually. The backlink should have a human touch, negating any scope for automated tools like software or bot.


For example, I am operating an health blog and came across another niche health blog dealing with pregnancy. I found the content of the blog top notch & impressive and therefore decided to offer backlink for it by creating hyperlink in one of the articles. Google will surely recognize this link under white hat technique since this has been done through a manual process. However, if the same link was created via an automated software or bot then it will be deemed under link scheme or black hat technique.


Google has taken a very unambiguous stand and the stand being that links have to be created by humans. Any use or interference of automated tools in link building process will invite serious actions.


It is widely believed that Google has a special spam team that keeps a close watch whether websites are adhering to their guidelines or not. Websites that are found to be violating the guidelines surely stand the risk of attracting penalties while continuous violations may even result in de-indexing of the entire website.


Why many Seo Pros use Backlink Software   


Let alone laymen people or Seo amateurs, even SEO Pros use SEO backlink software despite the apparent risk. Some SEO pros use it to increase the traffic on their client’s website or sometimes even on their own website. But the question is why do they use it despite knowing very well that this is not in compliant with Google’s guidelines. The more curious question is whether they are really able to con Google.


The straight forward answer to these questions is ‘tired link building.’ Most Seo Pros use automated backlink tools for tired linking building strategy. I am pretty sure that many people reading this blog may have heard about tired link building for the first time and surely will be curious to know about it.


Tiered link building strategy is nothing but the process of building backlinks to your backlinks. This may sound bit confusing.


Here is a simple example that will hopefully weed out all the confusion. Let us suppose that you’re aiming to rank well for one of the web pages on your main website. For the sake of making things simple, I will name the webpage as web A.


To rank well, you create backlinks for web A. by using web 2.0 web page like wordpress.com or blogger.com.  Let us name these web 2.0 websites as web B, web C and web D.  Incidentally, you are the owner of all these websites and hence using these websites to link back to your original web page (i.e. web A) wasn’t a problem at all. This constitutes your first-tier link.


Now here is the trick. To implement a tired link building strategy you’ll subscribe to backlink software for web B, web C and web D. The automate backlink tool will then automatically create second-tier links for web B, web C and web D and thereby boosting their domain authority. The improved domain authority will result in improved link juice that will be eventually passed over to the main website, i.e. web A.


The factor that works in favor of this strategy is the fact that your subordinate websites (web b, web c & web d) will face the brunt of Google’s penalty if at all you’re caught. This is simply because all the automated backlinks are directed towards them. Your main web page (web A), on other hand, is likely to remain safe from attracting penalties. However, there is no surety about the same as Google may sometimes prove to be smarter than you might think.



Should you be really using SEO Backlink Software to boost traffic on your client’s website or your own website. The answer may be bit subjective but my own personal answer would be a straight forward ‘no.’ There are two simple reasons for my answer. First is that automated backlink software never offer high quality backlinks despite all the tall claims they make. Most backlinks that your webpage will receive will be either low authority or substandard links.


The second reason is that prescribing to automated software for link building is a clear violation of Google guidelines. It must also be noted that tired link building strategy may not always be able to shield your main website from Google penalty.

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